About Chris

Chris Manucal, 27, is a Magician located in the Orlando/Windermere area in Florida. With a Bachelors in Hospitality, Chris is in his element with his passion for entertaining combined with his drive to please. His previous employments ranges from a supervisor in two different hotels to being a sailor on the seven seas as a performer for Disney Cruise Line.

Chris is a performer for Disney Cruise Lines as a Youth Entertainment Host. Not only does Chris do magic but he also dresses up as: Pirates, Professors, Chefs, Archaeologists, Kids, Rangers, Story Tellers, and his favorite: as a Magician. Chris is very comfortable performing in front of audiences from 5 children to 180+ children in the Youth Activity Spaces but also up to 1000 kids and adults in the spacious Walt Disney Theater.

Chris had the opportunity to perform in front 1000 kids and adults during the Disney Wonder's Spring Panama Canal Crew Talent Show. For this show, the crew members audition and dress rehearse to prepare themselves to perform on the Broadway caliber stage.

Chris has also had the opportunity to learn from world famous magicians: David Williamson, Shawn Farquhar, John Cassidy, and Scott Pepper. The lessons Chris has learned from these men have been invaluable and constructive. Their talents, lessons, and wisdom can be seen, reflected off Chris during his performances.

In between his time on Disney Cruise Line, Chris performs magic for kids, families, and adults. You can also find him performing on the streets of Ghent, Norfolk. After 6 years on Disney Cruise Lines, Chris and his wife Joanne have settled in Florida where Chris still works for the Disney Company.