Why I make Magic

While day dreaming today on my few hours off from work, I came across some ideas for an one cup routine. I reached inside my satchel to take our my hard drive and this letter fell out:



She was 8 at the time she wrote this to me. I did the first magic show in the youth activites spaces of our 7 day cruise and she loved it. Every time she saw me she would ask me to see a magic trick. Eventually I asked if she would like to learn one. She said yes, I asked her an idea of what she'd like to learn. She really loved the magic coloring book (yes #shameless). So I showed her the book and told her to practice it. 


The next day, she came back with the magic coloring book and had a small presentation about how the magician in the book lost the colors. I started teaching her a couple other tricks and by the end of the cruise she was sad she had to leave. I left her a Disney Cruise Line bag (ones we give a way as prizes), a magic wand, 4x sponge balls, and a brand new coloring book. The following morning, the day she left she had written this letter and asked guest services to give it to me. I think about how happy she was to say she was a real magician, and this is where the real magic is. 



Chris ManucalComment