A little excitement...

Good evening from the Disney Fantasy, 


Tonight I have a couple of hours and after a month of asking, my managers have agreed to let me have my magic show back but only offering it to the teens and tweens. So after doing shows for children then transitioning to shows for adults (our crew members), I now have a daunting task of creating a family friendly show geared towards 11-17 year old. 


I know some of you that may read this might be cringing but hear me out. This age  group is so impressionable you have the ability to create real magic and wonder, and not just by visual magic that kids take at face value, but a true sense of wonder. This being said my task is to create a 30 minute show based on things that can disprove any type of assumption.


Now this, is indeed a hard task, however I believe I'm well equipped to take on this monster with the advice of a great mentor and insights from those from the great beyond, and potentially new source of inspiration. 


Creating magic



Let the scripting begin and the magic flow. I'll update you in the near future, without haste. 





Chris ManucalComment