Illuminating illusionist

Good afternoon and Happy new year! Yeah well I know I'm a bit late but it's getting to the end of my contract. I had the opportunity to see some amazing illusionist the other night. Kyle and Mistie Knight. They were amazing, inspiring to see and learn about their story. Their family show was engaging and kept the entire theater entertained and in awe. Thatbsense of wonder that we as magicians try to strive to give our audience they gave to every kid and kid at heart. 

Following that, I watched their adult only show, it was by far one of the best acts I have seen go through the Fantasy. Amazing talent from these (Id say they are) young illusionist. Congrats on a successful couple of weeks to them! 




Stay tuned for updates as I have a crew magic show in d lounge later tonight. Hope to see some of you there.