Sea-ing all the possibilities

Back at Sea


It feels good to finally be able to have some time to catch up on some reading. Its been a few weeks since I've been on board and time has just flown by. But thankfully I was able to hang out with a couple friends who are Variety acts on board. Shawn Farquhar and Dale K are always helpful and generous with advice and its always a pleasure to hang out with them when they're on board. 


I have decided to dedicate my time into two areas of magic


Family Shows and Wedding Close Up (which I guess can be modified for restaurants). The ability to give the gift of amazement to any age group is so fascinating. Though I do love close up magic, weddings will be where I will get my close up fix. 


The idea of close up magic at weddings is simply put, magical (excuse the phrase). Giving the gift of astonishment and enjoyment is all well and good but being able to entertain to make sure that the wedding will be the absolute best and most fun event of their lives, who wouldnt want to help make that happen. 


In conclusion to,  I am reading an excellent resource bought by my wife for me. Sam Fitton has created a book that should help not only wedding magicians but any magician who is interested in becomijg a pro.