Chris’ magic show is 100% best magic I’ve seen! Even aside from the magic, his down to earth personality and consistent hilarity make the show such an entertaining experience, and the magic tricks are absolutely impossible to debunk and mind-blowing!! My friends and I were literally screaming out of pure shock during the tricks!
— Genevieve M
Watching Chris do magic is truly enjoyable.
He’s passionate, funny, AND good at magic? What more could you want?
— Trey W
Chris is a professional entertainer with years of experience and has learned from the absolute best in the business. It was a joy to see his performance. I couldn’t keep a smile from my face and I hope to see him again in the future.
— Bethany V
Chris will make you believe in magic all over again. His tricks are top notch and filled with comedy. He is very entertaining and is one of the best performers I’ve ever seen do magic in person. Highly recommended!
— Brian B
Chris is an excellent showman and has tons of entertainment experience. I had the pleasure of running into one of his shows by happen stance and was quite impressed by his professionalism and expertise in the field. I even witnessed him going out of his way to teach a few tricks to some of the kids that were interested in magic. I look forward to booking him for a show in the near future.
— Gordon W
Kayley has been asking for the magic show.. She loved it so much. Great entertainment.
— Alison M
Magic is real when preformed by Chris. I have enjoyed every magic show I have seen. Extremely entertaining and always amazing.
— Steph H
What a fantastic show, thoroughly entertained, wowed, and inspired from start to finish, and fun for all ages. Chris’ talent is only exceed by his passion. Someone get this man a residency in Las Vegas!
— Spencer B
Chris delivers the most engaging and inviting magic shows that have the entire crowd in fits of laughter and astonishment. I’ve been lucky enough to see two of his shows and have left both wondering how he does it but also loving that I have no clue. He caters for all ages and has a variety of tricks to keep everyone guessing and wanting more.
— Em Lee M
Chris is engaging, fun, and seriously knows how to wow a crowd. He is perfect for all ages, and has clearly been working on his craft for a long time. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.
— Jess C
When it comes to most magicians, they take the stage with an air of superiority and disingenuous nature. With all confidence, I can say Chris Manucal shines as a wonderful example of what the medium has to offer. The show never fails to ignite my imagination and awe. Either booking or seeing his show is an event worthy of every moment of your time.
— Corey E
Thank you very much for the awesome show, Chris! Amelia really loved it and so did her friends.. Her birthday party was a huge success!
— Olivia P
Chris has an approach to his craft that is very lighthearted and engaging for people of all ages. Ever the family friendly magician, his magic hit the right balance of comedy, charm and excitement. Highly recommended for anyone looking for fun!
— Maxx C
Chris was absolutely fantastic, his show was full of comedy, great tricks, and feel good fun! When I was brought up on stage I wasn’t sure how to be, but he made me feel at ease and comfortable and able to enjoy the magic! Highly recommend! Great evening! Natural performer!
— Sophie Rose M
Chris inspires you to forget yourself while watching his magic tricks. His performances are witty and wholesome; they are awe-inspiring entertainment for all ages to enjoy. I am looking forward to his next show!
— Brittany F
Chris Manucal is both a natural magician and performer. He does a great job of keeping the audience’s attention by using his witty humor and vibrant personality, along with mixing in some magic tricks the audience can participate in. I definitely recommend Chris Manucal for any wedding, birthday party or other entertaining event.
— Emily O